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True Encounters with Ghosts and the Paranormal

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Shedding A Little Light On Ghosts – Part I

An Interview with Renowned Psychic and Spiritualist, Lesley Lupo

By Mo Abersheid

Lesley Lupo, a gifted mystic advisor and spiritualist, is a licensed NLP therapist and has more than 20 years of experience as a psychic and Tarot card reader. She has seen thousands of clients and has conducted numerous workshops and seminars in areas as diverse as relationships, energy work, and opening up inner channels.

As a small child, Lesley was aware of the gift she had of seeing events before they happened, of seeing the guides that are with us every day. She also learned that no one else around her saw these things. But it wasn’t until later in her teen years that she would actually learn to harness and use her psychic channels. Through the years, Lesley has had extensive experience dealing with what we call GHOSTS.

Ghosts – Remnants of the Soul

According to Lesley, a human soul has many levels in its consciousness. When the physical body dies, a transfer of the core person begins. The central core begins to leave the body and starts its journey upwards. It’s not a transfer that happens entirely at once. In fact, the transition can actually take 4 to 8 months to complete. Each layer of consciousness attached to the core follows it upwards one by one. There are approximately 12 to 18 levels of consciousness that follow the core. However, all levels must be transferred in order to complete the transfer.

Disruption of the Transference

How and why do these remnants remain earthbound? Ghosts do not choose to stay on earth; it’s an accidental occurrence. “As each layer follows the central core upwards, a disruption of the transference can occur”, according to Lesley. This disturbance can be caused by an abrupt death, or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When the transference is disrupted one or more layers (remnants of the soul) may be left behind on earth.

"This crack in the transference occurs only when the soul leaves the body. Ghosts appear after that time and that’s when you know something, a remnant, has been left behind."

Different Levels of Consciousness

There is not just one type of ghost. There are different levels of ghosts’ consciousness. It is dependent on various factors including the soul of the person, the way they died, and the energy around them when they die. The more pleasant the way a person has died, the more rapid the transference occurs with a significantly decreased chance of a disruption. For example, ceremonial, family unity deaths have a much higher chance of having a successful and rapid transition. Violent deaths have a higher chance of leaving a Ghost.

Most ghosts are neutral. Since the core person is gone, they don’t have an awareness of where they are. Human feelings do not transfer to the spirit. Malevolent ghosts do exist, but they are not vindictive and not looking to get anyone intentionally. They are just outraged that this has happened to them and don’t understand why they are stuck between two worlds and not able to finish the transition.

Most notably, ghosts do not know that they are affecting us. "They are confused about being caught in the snapshot." In rare cases, ghosts can cause energy changes, i.e., TVs, lights, fire, however, according to Lesley, ghosts cannot move physical objects. A ghost is energy and cannot condense itself and move something solid.

All being said, ghosts are very rare. In fact, much less than 100th of one percent of the people who die actually leave a ghost behind. "With all the talk about ghosts, you would think that a higher percentage of people that die leave a ghost, but it’s just not the case", Lesley affirms.

Does a ghost need help to get across or can they figure it out, or does the ghost just dissipate over time? These and other questions will be answered in Part II of this three-part interview with Lesley.

About Lesley Lupo

Lesley utilizes her psychic channel to help people with their own inner guidance and to point people to a pathway of higher consciousness. She gives her clients a new perspective of themselves, of the world, and how we relate to each other in order to bring them back to the light within.

Lesley has studied counseling, focusing on Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. She continues her education in such diverse subjects as Vortex Energy Work, anger and grief counseling, and Biosomatics.

You can learn more about Lesley and her work on her website: www.LightThePath.com

Mo Abersheid is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. He can be contacted at Writermo@aol.com