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Poltergeists are ethereal manifestations that are often attributed to violent and malicious phenomena. A poltergeist manifestation typically includes loud noises, the movement of objects, household fires and, in rare occurrences, bodily harm.

Poltergeist activity is often connected to and focused on one individual. This is typically an adolescent female. Attacks on an individual often result in scratches, bruises and bite marks on the body. When poltergeist activity is associated with an adolescent, the occurrences often subside once adulthood is reached.

Poltergeist manifestations not associated with a particular individual can occur suddenly and without warning or explanation and often disappear after a period of time.

Although poltergeist activity typically occurs only in one place, it is possible for the poltergeist to follow the individual or family to another location, especially if it is attached to a particular family member.